After numerous hospital stays, and finally being diagnosed in 2012 with a severe wheat allergy, I had to make what felt like huge adjustments to my eating and grooming habits in a short period of time. Unlike Celiac Disease, which is a challenging disorder at best, my reaction to wheat causes severe hives and an inability to breathe. Unfortunately, wheat is EVERYWHERE – foods, make-up, toothpaste, health & beauty aids!! The list is endless and the cost of gluten free products is outrageous. Since I personally like the unassisted intake of oxygen into my lungs, I must be diligent.

Therefore, after massive hours of research on the internet, tons of loose paper notes and notebook entries, I decided to get organized. People were asking where I found this recipe or that information, so I chose to organize through blogging.  This way I can readily share items and articles that my friends and family may be interested in.

I am not a creative genius by any means – my scrapbooks look like a kindergarten class put them together. My landscape theme is The Nightmare Before Christmas – and I nailed it! I wholly acknowledge that this is a compilation from various websites and I will state the website address where I found the information on each posting. Hopefully you will find something beneficial to you.

And to my many friends and relatives on the grammar police payroll, I am usually enjoying a glass of pinot while blogging. So please cut me some slack.


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  1. Atlantahomesonline@gmail.com says:

    I will need an update as things progress. Just my opinion, but I would have crocked a large chicken, removed the chicken when done, chilled the fat and gelatin, skimmed the fat and maybe boned the chicken and thrown the bones back in the crock with the gelatin for further cooking. Obviously I will be making chicken pot pies today, so chicken was on my mind. So, the broth is flavorful, I added onion, carrots and celery to help the flavor. But is my broth really broth, or just polluted chicken juice? And, just how many crock pots do you own? Oh, and by the way, I have duck broth, (or duck juice) from the Christmas duck, along with a small container of duck fat. Apparently duck fat is a form of gold in French cooking. Who would ever have thought that?

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