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Sisters – A Study in Contradiction

Let me preface this latest blog by stating that I truly love my sister. We may call each other names and make snarky comments to each other, but it is all based in that strange sarcastic and warped love that … Continue reading

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It’s Okay to be Clustered

Oh Granola – How I love thee. Let me count the ways. But thou dost spurn me with thine cost! Regular granola is expensive enough, but GF granola? Scandalous!  KIND granola and LOVE GROWN granola are the ones I typically … Continue reading

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The Growing Gluten Free Market

In the past years, since I have developed a severe wheat allergy, I have struggled with grocery shopping. I was going to numerous stores to complete my grocery list and the cost of my groceries greatly increased. As we all … Continue reading

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Facial Recognition

Since I have already posted on using oil as a body moisturizer, it is time get more specific and address facial moisturizers.  I won’t lie. This can get costly if you do not have essential oils and carriers on hand. … Continue reading

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