Poison Ivy Relief with Peppermint Oil


To relieve Poison Ivy or Poison Oak apply peppermint oil on location neat.

This works folks! Like many people, I have horrible reactions to poison ivy. First the general itching, followed by raised bumps, followed by a spreading rash, then seeping, drying and finally leathery skin.  It can take up to 2-3 months for the area to fully heal back to normal. Last summer I ended up with the rash on my chin so ugly I was hiding and ducking everywhere I went. I finally had to seek medical attention. The doctor prescribed me oral prednisone as well as a steroid cream.  Due to the amount of prednisone I had already taken that year for my (then undiagnosed) wheat allergy attacks, I was loathe to take any more (horrible side effects for me) and the doctor was hesitant to give me more than a 3 day supply. I was also instructed not to use the cream more than 3 days.  Well, the poison ivy did not heal in those 3 days, but the severity was certainly reduced.  Thank goodness for makeup on workdays!

Flash forward to April 2013. I started itching a little bit on my calf for 2 days. Did not think much about it until the bumps appeared. OH NO! I knew how this was going to end! Then I thought – no more steroids – seek a more natural solution. I researched home remedies on the internet and discovered that peppermint oil was commonly mentioned. I had peppermint oil so I gave it a go.  I applied a few drops to a cotton round (undiluted) and massaged it directly on the two spots with bumps. The itching ceased. I applied morning and evening for 10 days. No itching, no redness, no rash, no spreading. On day 5, one of the bump sets had completely dried up. It took 7 days for the second set to dry up and disappear and I think that was because it was in an area of my calf where my pants would brush against the spot when walking. I continued to apply the peppermint approximately 12 days to make sure the area was fully healed. SUCCESS! I will never be without this oil.

Please Note: I caught the poison ivy early. If you already have a seeping rash DO NOT apply peppermint oil undiluted directly on the area. It will burn like re-entry into earth’s atmosphere and then you will have the added trouble of the repairing the ceiling and healing your head wound.Try this instead: (from emaxhealth.com)

Diluted Mixture For an Existing Rash: Use any one of the following essential oils (3 drops of cypress, lavender, or peppermint oil) mixed with 1 tablespoon water, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, and ½ teaspoon salt when poison ivy needs to be dried out. The vinegar helps dry out the poison ivy and also can help prevent infection. Apply the mixture using a cotton ball.

I hope this helps some of you this summer! 

Also try these medicinal and other uses for peppermint oil.

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